Importance of Safety Training - Ensuring you are OSHA Compliant

Prevention is key when operating a forklift. Get OSHA safety forklift training. 

Occupational Safety and Health, OSHA safety training, in particular, forklift safety training for this article, is a critical part of the job to provide prevention of accidents on the job site for the equipment operator. Always being vigilant and alert to potential hazards and how to handle them, if they occur, is crucial.

Safety is a Number One Priority

The more one learns about the proper way to operate a forklift and other workplace equipment and how to make sure that it is performing at the maximum level, the safer the person will be. OSHA does make the rules but does not address the training requirements or the certification for the workers, and training is voluntary for them with the guidelines given. OSHA does not provide the training itself or the certification and does not approve or accredit the offered training programs.

However, there are OSHA standards required that employers train their employees in appropriate safety and health aspects of jobs.

Training Course

Forklift safety training couForkliftSafety.jpgrses comply with the OSHA regulations and are, after completion, accepted by OSHA as documentation of the student having gotten the proper training. The course is convenient because it can be taken by an individual or a group at their facility if desired.

The course includes detailed instruction, video, student participation with a hands-on evaluation, practical and written driving tests, and training on equipment inspection. The student receives an Operator’s License and a nationally-accredited certificate when the training is completed, and the company also receives a Certificate of Completion.

Benefits of Taking a Forklift Safety Training Course

  1. Some workplaces require such a course for a driver to operate the equipment.
  2. Money and time can be saved by training on the exact forklift type that you use at your job. OSHA rules state that your employer is responsible for providing equipment-specific and site-specific training on the particular equipment that you use.
  3. You can work on the modules and complete the training test in about one hour!
  4. You can update your resume and LinkedIn to add the course completed and the certificates you achieved. This may increase pay or the ability to make advancements in your job.
  5. Operators who become fully trained as certified forklift drivers and comply with the OSHA rules make higher salaries than operators who do not. They are in high demand and often are indispensable to an employer.

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